The relationship between Emma and Hook shows that there’s still life after first loves. It’s a relationship that says we can become more than our pasts without erasing those pasts completely. And it’s a relationship that offers hope for people who have loved and lost and are hesitant to open their heart again—hope that you will find love that makes you happy and gives you strength even when you fear it’s not in the cards for you anymore.


Once Upon A Time there was an enchanted forest filled with all the classic characters we know. Or think we know.

Remake of this. Done to add on as many new characters as possible - sorry if I missed any of your favourites out, however, this was getting lengthy. 


third time’s the charm.









Mom and Dad Clark and Ming’s reactions to Skyeward

This is the most hilarious thing. They look like the Charmings with Emma and Hook on Once. Oh my god… Picture when Skye and Ward are in fact officially together and May and Coulson are sitting on a couch in the dark waiting for their daughter Skye to get home from her dates. Someone fanfic this!!!!

You might have talked me into something.

Omg! Did I?! Omg! Ahhhhhh! I’m not even sorry!!!

Ming should tone it down like 1000%. It was Chloe’s question and she jumped on it, she might have been joking but it doesn’t matter much to me, sometimes her jokes are in really bad taste. It’s like she forgets that some people hang onto her every word. Her “over my dead body” had been capped by a hater like 5 seconds after it was uttered and has been making me angry ever since.

She should campaign for her own independent storyline and stay the hell away from Brett’s and Chloe’s. Sorry for the rant, but by now the Ward haters have almost made into their Ward hate captain (between this and the nail Hydra jokes), and she still acts oblivious to it and won’t tone it down even a little bit.

May has become a haters icon, and “nail hydra” and other jokes are NOT helping. I’m not sure if Ming is even aware of this, of what haters are like and the stuff they’re saying. 

You know, I really don’t think she knows. Which sucks, cause I don’t think she’d stand for it if she did

She definitely doesn’t know. She is not the one getting hate. Brett is. And I doubt he’s going to go crying to her about it. Maybe someone should tell her…

someone: what are your plans for the weekend
me: who knows
me: (i know)
me: (i'm not leaving the house)

#snowbarry Aww look at how proud the look on Barry’s face to be able to show Caitlin his workplace! Urgh so cute. (from a new Episode 3 promo)

Danielle Panabaker + Snowbarry




You know what I got from 4x04? Emma literally does not care about anything but being/having a good time with the man she is falling in love with.

He wants to plan our date? Ok.

He has his hand back? Whatever.

The Knave spilled a drink on me and then ran away? Not worrying about it.

My parents, brother, and Elsa are inside? Come in anyway.

You hook is back? No problem.



I can’t with this. They were kissing holding hands, and when they let go, her hand immediately goes to his waist and his hand goes to her back, to hold her with both hands. Please make them stop.